Fair Housing

The provision of fair housing is everyone’s responsibility.  As part of the Waukesha County Community  Development Block Grant Program, the Village is required to inform residents and property owners about providing fair housing to all.  The intent of fair housing regulations is to prohibit discrimination in housing 0 that all persons have an equal opportunity for housing regardless of sex, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or martial status of the person maintaining a household, lawful source of income, age or ancestry.  The Village is responsible to assist in the prevention or removal of all discrimination in housing through the powers granted under Wisconsin Statutes.

Through federal and state Fair Housing Laws, no person shall discriminate by:

  1.  Refusing to sell, lease, finance or contract to construct housing by refusing to discuss the terms thereof.
  2. Refusing to permit inspection or exacting different or more stringent price, terms of conditions for the sale, lease or rental of housing.
  3. Refusing to finance or sell an unimproved residential lot or to construct a home or residence upon such lot; or
  4. Publishing, circulating, issuing or displaying or causing to be published, circulated, issued or displayed any communication, notice, advertisement or sign in connection with the sale, financing, lease or rental of housing which states or indicated any discrimination in connection with housing.

Any person who violates any provisions of Fair Housing Laws is subject to penalty.  Additional information or assistance can be obtained through the following agencies.

  • Housing & Urban Development (HUD) 414-297-3214
  • Metro Milwaukee Fair Housing Council 414-278-1240

Village Officials thank you for the attention toward this information and the continuation of providing fair housing practices within the Village of Dousman